0703 Zero Basher

Back cover summary Edit

Young Bill Daniel was a fine Hurricane pilot. He welcomed his posting to Burma and the chance to shoot it out with Jap Zeros high over the jungles. But it wasn't to be as simple as that. Soon after he took off with Mike Bell, his squadron leader, BIll found out why 1066 squadron was known throughout the RAF as "Suicide Squadron" . . .


Main Characters Edit

4688 zero basher-0
  • Mike Bell
  • Bill Daniel
  • Dave Sankey
  • Group Captain Smith

Back up strip - V for Vengance Part OneEdit

A classic, hard-hitting story war story from the "Boys' Papers" of the 1950s.

Publishing HistoryEdit

First Published as 136 (October 1964), reissued as 703 (December 1972) and as 4688 (March 2014)

Misc Edit

Part of "The Gold Collection" series. 703:

Inside front cover feature - Stars of Soccer - Asa Hartford

Inside rear cover feature - Great Games of Soccer History -1966 World Cup Final.

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