Back Cover SummaryEdit

4014 wolfs gold

There are many secrets in well-thumbed war diary of the Laird family ... and some of them are deadly! Jason Laird, grandson of the famous Wolf, knew this ... but he still went on a trek that could cost him his life!


Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 2701 in October 1993. Latest edition published as no 4014 in June 2007.



  • Inside front cover feature - Samurai - Nunchaku (Art by Keith Page)
  • Inside rear cover feature - Plane spotting quiz
Leave Him Behind! - Wolf's Gold - Operation Manhunt
Behind Jap Lines - Wolf's Gold - Wolves at War
The Log of the Lairds Saga
Desert Wolf - Return Of The Wolf - Son Of The Wolf - Wolf Patrol- Wolf's Gold - Wolves At War

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