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The little island of Dinara, off the coast of Yugoslavia, hardly knew there was a war on. Sure, they were under German occupation, but all that meant was a weekly visit from a section of infantrymen who were supposed to look out for suspicious happenings. And the only suspicious thing about Dinara was how much Stanislas Brod the innkeeper charged for his wine.

Yes, a pleasant little place, Dinara - until the day a certain strange object fell through the roof of Brod's inn…

Issue 4564

We thought we'd start the year with a little present to you, a surprise story from the archive. Marc Stephen was the man who nominated this one for another airing. And it was a good call, even if we did need oxygen by the time we gor to page 63. Because that's the sort of breathless tale that Alan Hebden has crafted, one rushing headlong at breakneck speed.

Keeping up with the pace is Gordon Livingstone whose finely crafted black-and-white strikes a perfect balance between serious and humorous. A true craftsman at work.

All this and an Ian Kennedy cover. This is just an embarrassment of riches.

Calum Laird, Editor


The Short Sunderland on the cover has an incorrect registration (either DD671 or DD871 - it's a bit hard to tell!). According to Bruce Robertson's book of British Military Aircraft Serials, DD671 was a De Havilland Mosquito, while DD871 was a Bristol Beaufort torpedo bomber.

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