4762 walrus to the rescue

Back Cover Summary Edit

With complete disregard for himself and his navigator, Colin Hamble threw his Mosquito around the sky like a madman. His only thought was to ruthlessly kill his enemy.

Well the day came when he was given something a lot slower than a mossie - a Walrus amphibian with a top speed of about 130mph.

Colin soon found that saving lives needed a lot more guts and skill than taking them!

Creators Edit

  • Story by - R.A. "Monty" Montague
  • Art by - Mira 
  • Cover by - Ian Kennedy

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 913 in February 1975, reprinted as no 2252 in February 1989. Latest printing as no 4762 in November 2014.

Misc Edit

Part of "The Silver Collection"

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