Back Cover SummaryEdit

4786 wagons ho

There was only one thing that Sergeant Jack Brett and his Matilda tank crew hated as much as the Germans, and that was a certain tank transporter crew from the Royal Army Service Corps. When they weren't fighting the one, they were fighting the other. And so, when all three met on the Egyptian desert, it meant trouble.

But the handful of British soldiers had a big, big problem - they had to stop the advance of a huge German column…with their single damaged Matilda and that one tank transporter!


  • Story by Lomas
  • Art by Ibanez
  • Cover by Ian Kennedy

Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 1050 in July 1976. Republished as no 2411 in December 1990. Latest edition published as no 4786 in February 2015.


Part of "The Silver Collection" series.

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