Another day and four more titles added. Spent a lot of time researching lately and it has really made me appreciate more of what Vic Whittle has done on his site.

I bought quite a lot of late 90s titles today from eBay (about 80) so lots to do in the new year. At the moment there are only two of us working on the site and despite me posting on the Commando Facebook page asking for volunteers no-one has joined in. I really want this wiki to be about bringing more information about the artists and the writers and not just the stories. I also want to have more information on characters.

I also found a great blog highlighting the funnier side of collecting Pocket Libraries with such posts as Moustache Monday!

See it here

In the meantime I will keep buying, researching and posting in the hope that more will join the cause and keep it going. I doubt I will get bored as every issue is opening new things to me and spotting some errors that those nice guys at D.C Thomson missed. See Spy In Battle-Dress for example!

4613 spy in a battle dress

Night all and watch out for those bargains!

Pinner.guest (talk) 00:11, December 18, 2014 (UTC)

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