4608 the talisman

Back Cover Summary Edit

Private Bill Watkins was one of the men who survived the retreat to Dunkirk. He put it down to one unusual incident - the sight of a young French lad spurring him on to reach the safety of an escaping ship when he had all but given up.

Bill decided this youngster was his "Talisman" - his lucky mascot. But was it wise for him to think that a lucky mascot could get him safely through the war? Probably not…especially when he joined the SAS!

Creators Edit

  • Story by Mike Knowles
  • Art by Jaume Forns
  • Cover by Janek Matysiak

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 4608 in June 2013.

Misc Edit

No 4608 includes:

  • Special fold out back cover with textless Janek Matysiak cover
  • Into Action feature featuring the German Infantryman (Gordon Livingstone art).

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