Back Cover SummaryEdit

The French Char-B tank was one of the best fighting vehicles of the Second World War. But France had surrendered in 1940 so why were there a lot of them in the desert in 1943? And why did they have enemy markings?

It was a secret which the Germans were determined to hide but which the Allies were equally determined to uncover.

Introduction by Scott Montgomery, Deputy EditorEdit

This solid tale features a story-telling device that works well in Commando - the linking of World War II with the Great War which had ended a little over twenty years previously. Here, the connection is a fighting father and son, and the dependable sergeant that served alongside them both.

Then, of course, throw into the mix the "Secret Tanks" of the title - great, clanking French Char Bs - and we have a classic in the making.

Commando legend Gordon Livingstone's art is up to his usual high standard here, and shows his versatility in drawing action and adventure, whatever the conflict.

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