0524 the night the tow rope broke

Back Cover SummaryEdit

The night the tow rope broke was the worst in Lieutenant Mike Hasting's life. For when his glider crash-landed off target in Sicily, he was captured by a mad brigand called Il Castello who dragged him off to cave on the side of Mount Etna, the largest volcano in Europe.

And there Il Castello already held an Italian, a German, a Canadian and an American - one man from each of the armies on Sicily who had ruined the brigands old way of life. Now he was ready to punish them in his own cruel way . . .


  • Story by
  • Art by
  • Cover by Ian Kennedy

Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 524 in January 1971. Republished as no 1492 in March 1981.


No 534:

Inside front cover feature - Horsa II Glider.

Inside rear cover feature - Soccer Stars of the World - Gerhard Muller

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