Back Cover SummaryEdit

4834 the man who was afraid

What makes a good fighter pilot? It's mostly skill, and Charles Crombie had plenty of that. But it isn't only skill - you also need to be able to fly through a hail of bullets and flak threatening to hack you out of the sky at any minute. And that was what Charles was afraid of.

Then he took to wearing an old coin around his neck. It was his lucky charm. As long as he had it with him, he knew no fear.

As long as he had it with him…


Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 1152 in August 1977. Republished as no 2476 in June 1991. Latest edition published as no 4834 in July 2015.


Working title for this issue was The Courage Is Inside.

No 4834:

  • Part of "The Silver Collection".

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