Back Cover SummaryEdit

He was rarely seen, this lone, mysterious figure clad completely in black who powered his way over the snow-covered slopes of the Swiss mountains. He was a sinister apparition bathed in moonlight, his only friends the shadows.

But there was even stranger thing about him. Why did his tracks lead to the German border?

Introduction (Issue 4678) Edit

“If you’re looking for a story featuring country music singer Johnny Cash, or even movie star Will Smith, than I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.“ says Deputy Editor Scott Montgomery wryly. “However, if you’re looking for an action-packed espionage caper then you most definitely will not be disappointed!

“This pacey tale has just about everything: mystery, daring escapes, ski chases, people dangling from cliff edges, nasty villains, plucky heroes… and there’s even a faithful Alsatian!

“Commando means action and adventure — and that’s never truer than here.”