4714 the last big gun

4714 The Last Big Gun

Back Cover SummaryEdit

Jean D'Arton of the Free French Army had watched the giant railway howitzers plummet to destruction and was convinced these devastatingly powerful weapons were out of the war for good.

Now, though, information from the Resistance suggested that the Germans had salvaged at least one of these titanic guns.

And with the Allied invasion of France due any day now, Jean just hoped these reports weren't true.


  • Story by David Heptonstall
  • Art by Ruiz
  • Cover by Jeff Bevan

Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 2256 in February 1989. Reprinted as no 3740 in August 2004. Latest edition published in June 2014 as no 4714.


No 4714:

  • Part of "The Silver Collection" series.

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