Back Cover Summary Edit

3203 the fighting spirit

Don Danver spun his Hurricane through the air and roared in to attack, the white silk scarf wrapped around his neck. It had brought his father luck in the First World War, so it would serve him equally well as Britain and Germany clashed once more. Or so he thought...

Creators Edit

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 1903 in June 1985. Republished as no 3203 in January 1999.

Misc. Edit

No. 1903:

  • Inside front cover feature: Stars of Athletics - Ade Mafe
  • Inside rear cover feature: Stars of Tennis - Anders Jarryd

No. 3203

  • Inside front cover feature: Frontline - Self Propelled Guns - Bishop UK (Art by Gordon Livingstone)
  • Inside rear cover feature: Commando File part 33 - 1998.

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