Issue 4524 Front Cover

Issue 4524 Front Cover[1]

Back Cover SummaryEdit

Captain Mike Reilly had lost his left eye in battle so the Top Brass had given him a desk job. And Mike didn't like that one little bit, because he knew he could still out-shoot, out-march and out-punch almost any soldier living. After all, Nelson only had one eye and one arm and look at the mess he made of England's enemies!

So Mike set his mind to scheming to get back into the war, little knowing he was letting himself in for the biggest shock of his life...


  • Story - Hardy
  • Art - Victor De La Fuente
  • Cover - Jordi Penalva

Alternative TitleEdit

Ten Desperate Men

Publishing HistoryEdit

First Published as no 529 in February 1971. Republished as no 1523 in July 1981. Latest edition published as no 4524 in 18 August 2012.

References Edit

  1. Commando comics Site


Part of the "By Special Request" series.

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