Back Cover Summary Edit

For over five hundred years the iron cage had hung there, swinging grimly outside the castle wall. No one knew how many wretches had suffered and died over the centuries, imprisoned by those stark, rusting bars.

Now it held a strange assortment of prisoners - a British sergeant, a German army office and two German soldiers. As strange assortment yes - but they all had one awesome thing in common. They were all to be shot at dawn...

Creators Edit

  • Story by ?
  • Art by ?
  • Cover by ?

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 758 in July 1973. Republished as no 1955 in January 1986.

Misc. Edit

No. 1955:

  • Inside front cover feature: Stars of Speedway - Malcolm Simmons
  • Inside rear cover feature: Stars of Soccer - George Reilly

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