Back Cover Summary Edit

4782 tempest fury

In the summer of 1944, a frightening new weapon was unleashed against the war-weary British - the dreaded V1 flying bomb.

Sergeant-Pilot Jamie Collins had a personal score to settle with these robots of death. So when his squadron-leader grounded him after yet another display of reckless flying, it didn't stop him.

Where there were V1s, that's where Jamie wanted to be, at the controls of his hard-hitting tempest fighter. Orders or no orders…

Creators Edit

  • Story by Ken Gentry
  • Art by Gordon Livinstone
  • Cover by Ian Kennedy

Publishing History Edit

First Published as no 1092 in January 1977. Republished as no 2420 in November 1990. Latest publishing as 4782 in January 2015.

Misc Edit

Part of "The Silver Collection".

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