3809 tank attack

Back Cover SummaryEdit

In 1938, the German Panzer Mark Three tank was one of the most impressive fighting vehicles the world had seen and the Japanese army were keen to get their hands on one. It seemed their prayers were answered when Germany sent a Mark Three on loan to their allies in the east.

Then the tank was diverted to Manchuria, and it was caught up in the war between Chinese nationalist guerrillas and the Japanese invaders - the perfect opportunity to show just what the mighty Panzer could do!


Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 3809 in April 2005.


  • Inside front cover feature - Flypast - Canadian CC 106 "Yukon" (Art by Ian Kennedy)
  • Inside rear cover feature - Tank Killers of the Second World War - Panzerwurfmine (Art by Gordon Livingstone

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