4696 sudden death

4696 Sudden Death!

Back Cover SummaryEdit

Mountain men - each one of them - a sergeant, a corporal and a private, all trained for war, but each a highly skilled mountaineer in his own right.

Their difficult and dangerous mission was to find a VIP Brigadier who had been kidnapped by the Germans and hidden high in the Italian mountains before being hustled to Berlin. Within hours the British mountain troops were hot on the trail.

But when men who climb together fall out, when accidents breed suspicion and distrust, every sheer rock face can spell - sudden death!


  • Story by Parsons
  • Art by Solbes
  • Cover by Ken Barr

Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 114 in April 1964. Reprinted as no 631 in March 1972. This edition printed as no 4696 in April 2014. 


This issue was reprinted as part of "The Gold Collection" series.

Strapline on cover: "First came the light, then the hammer of machine guns." 

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