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Back Cover SummaryEdit

Out of the glaring sun they swooped, these messengers of death, to smash great gaps in the formations of German bombers that swarmed over England. And leading them was one of the greatest Spitfire pilots of all time - a man of iron will and brute courage. Boldness, daring, strength flowed from him into those who flew at his wing-tips. When he led…the squadron was invincible.


  • Story by Roger Clegg
  • Art by Peter Ford
  • Cover by Ferraz.

Publishing HistoryEdit

Published April 1963 as issue 64. Republished August 2013 as issue 4628

Editor's NoteEdit

It's one thing to be able to draw complete aircraft, quite another to draw them disintegrating, but Peter Ford handles both situations very well indeed. So much that he has time for a little fun on Page 19 and pushes the envelope on page 51.


The basic story line was also used for Zero Smasher


Part of "The Gold Collection" series.