4613 spy in a battle dress

Back Cover Summary Edit

The Commandos were tough, dedicated men who had risen from the funeral pyre of Dunkirk to hit back at the Nazis with blazing tommy guns and a brand of courage that was unique. Their motto…United We Conquer!

But there was one man who mocked that brave motto when he crept ashore on raids with his Commando mates. They all knew him as "Mitch" Mitchell, but German High Command knew him better as Leutnant Hans Reister of the SS.

And what the Commandos didn't guess was that each time he was leading them straight into a German ambush…

Creators Edit

  • Story by Eric Hebden
  • Art by Amador
  • Cover by Alvaro

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 89 in October 1963. Latest edition published as no 4613 in June 2013.

Misc Edit

Part of "The Gold Collection".

No 4613 includes:

  • Special fold out back cover with textless Alvaro cover (mis-spelt Alavro!!!)
  • Into Action feature featuring the Sten Mk II sub machine gun

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