4632 send for spitfires

send for spitfires

Back Cover SummaryEdit

"Bandits ahead! Go! Go! Go!"

Time and again that staccato command unleashed the savage fighting spirit of Britain's Spitfire pilots, driving them to hurl their machines in slashing attack after attack against the Luftwaffe hordes in the only method of defence that they believed in - attack.

Go! Go! Go!

(Taken from back cover)

Introduction by Callum Laird, EditorEdit

This story is good value for money as there are two themes running through it. First you have a bit of double-dealing treachery and second you have the pilot unsure of his abilities. Both though are very nicely handled.

Medrano's art is well up to fleshing out the narrative - neat, precise and with an accomplished use of perspective in the flying scenes.

But don't rush to get going, back up and have another look at Ken Barr's colour-packed cover; it's worth a second glance.


  • Story by Kellie
  • Art by Medrano
  • Cover by Ken Barr.

Publishing HistoryEdit

First Published as no 83 in September 1963. Republished as no 4632 in August 2013. 


Part of "The Gold Collection" series.

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