4565 seek and destroy

Back Cover SummaryEdit

Here is a special breed of soldier…

His weapons:

a 2-edged dagger -

a sub machine gun -

an automatic pistol -

a strangling cord…

His supplies:

Maybe a couple of bars of chocolate, a little water.

His duties:

He is a trained parachutist, Sniper, canoeist and judo expert. A man who, hopelessly outnumbered, can exist and fight behind enemy lines, who will seek and destroy his objective at all costs.

His life expectancy:

48 hours, if he is lucky.

This soldier is a…


In this book is his story…


Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 53 in January 1963. Republished as no 4565 in January 2013.


Part of "The Gold Collection" series.

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