3647 return of the gladiator

Back Cover Summary Edit

Sent to Rome as a hostage, Vitotudas, a young Briton, ended up training with the toughest men in the Empire in a gladiator school. When a revolt by these fierce fighters went wrong, he was forced to flee for his life, facing a wrongful charge for murder.

He vowed to return to his homeland and claim revenge against his accusers and face the man who was once a trusted friend . . . but who was now an officer in the hated Roman army.

Creators Edit

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Publishing History Edit

First published as no 3647 in August 2003.

Misc Edit

New story. Not previously published.

Inside cover feature Test Flights, Experimental Aircraft: Supermarine Type 508

Inside Back cover feature, The Commando File - Part 17 - 1982.

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