Back Cover Summary Edit

2737 regans raiders

Raw recruits Billy Cooper and Ray Johnson were part of an Australian militia unit which broke and ran during a Jap attack. Their shamed burned deep but were determined to show they were not cowards.

They got their chance when they were posted to a new unit, but the man they had to prove themselves to was Sergeant Mick Regan, the leader of one of the toughest bands of jungle fighters ever - Regan's Raiders

Creators Edit

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  • Art by -  
  • Cover by -

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 2737 in February 1994.

Published in the anthology ANZACs At War (783 pages, August 2007, ISBN 1-84442-059-0).

Misc Edit

Inside cover feature - Commando Weapons File: Modern Sub-machine guns - Beretta Model 12S and Model 61 Skorpion

Inside back cover feature - Flypast no 119 Avia B534-IV (art by Ian Kennedy)

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