4025 red october

Back Cover SummaryEdit

By August 1942, the mighty German war machine had smashed through the Soviet Union, surging relentlessly towards the city of Stalingrad.

Engineering student Felix Kalikov worked at the Red October factory, helping to manufacture T-34 tanks. Soon, however, he was not only facing death at the hands of the advancing Wehrmacht, but also from a treacherous Secret Police Commissar in a spiteful vendetta.

So, Felix decided to take charge of his own destiny ... and of one of the last T-34s on the factory production line. It was time to fight back!


Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 4025 in July 2007.



  • Inside rear cover feature - The Commando File Part 43 January to June 2007
Double Or Quits - Red October - Sense Of Duty!

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