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Captain Jimmy Ramsey's crack squad of raiders are getting plenty of action rescuing downed pilots during the Korean War. Even so, they wouldn't mind a bit more of a challenge...When that comes in the form of a dangerous mission to take out a Chinese MiG base, they are raring to go. Then they learn that they must team up with a French Foreign Legion group, some of whom previously served in Hitler's Armies. Working alongside their deadliest foes from the last war could prove to be the biggest challenge of all!


This entry is titled Raiders on the Rampage (Korea) to avoid confusion with an earlier Ramsey's Raiders story, which can be found at Raiders On The Rampage (WW2)

Ramsey's Raiders Saga
Ramsey's Raiders ; The Raiders Return ; Ramsey's Island Raiders ; Raiders' Revenge ; Raiders From The Sky ; D-Day Raiders ; Raiders On The Rampage[N 1] ; Renegade Raiders ; Raiders To The Rescue! ; Raiders In The Reich ; Ramsey's Rebel Army ; Raiders' Round-Up! ; The Final Raid ; Raiders: Operation Anvil ; Raiders: Operation Hammer ; Raiders Recalled ; Raiders On The Rampage[N 2] ; Raiders At The Ready; Italian Ambush The Desert Duel
  1. This is the first Ramsey's Raiders story with this title, set just after D-Day.
  2. This is the second Ramsey's Raiders story with this title, set during the Korean War.

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