Raiders in the Reich

Back Cover Summary Edit

By early 1945, the fighting on the Western Front was mostly taking place on German soil as the Nazis were pushed further back by a determined Allied onslaught. Needless to say, Captain Jimmy Ramsey and his Raiders played a major part in this advance, scouting ahead of the main force and destroying any enemy positions they came across.

But operating deep inside Hitler's Reich was fraught with danger. And when faced by a larger and fanatical SS unit, and without any immediate Allied support, the Raiders had to rely on some very unlikely reinforcements if they were to win the day!

Creators Edit

Publishing History Edit

Published as no 3949 in October 2006.

Ramsey's Raiders Saga
Ramsey's Raiders ; The Raiders Return ; Ramsey's Island Raiders ; Raiders' Revenge ; Raiders From The Sky ; D-Day Raiders ; Raiders On The Rampage[N 1] ; Renegade Raiders ; Raiders To The Rescue! ; Raiders In The Reich ; Ramsey's Rebel Army ; Raiders' Round-Up! ; The Final Raid ; Raiders: Operation Anvil ; Raiders: Operation Hammer ; Raiders Recalled ; Raiders On The Rampage[N 2] ; Raiders At The Ready; Italian Ambush The Desert Duel
  1. This is the first Ramsey's Raiders story with this title, set just after D-Day.
  2. This is the second Ramsey's Raiders story with this title, set during the Korean War.

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