Back Cover SummaryEdit

With the Korean War over, the men of Ramsey's Raiders were wondering if they were bound for Civvy Street once more. They needn't have worried. The Army soon found another mission for them, but it would be totally different to anything these veterans of irregular warfare were used to.The team was soon posted to Malaya to fight a mysterious, shadowy enemy. However, after intensive training, the Raiders were ready for the dangers of the humid, claustrophobic jungle...weren't they?

Ramsey's Raiders Saga
Ramsey's Raiders ; The Raiders Return ; Ramsey's Island Raiders ; Raiders' Revenge ; Raiders From The Sky ; D-Day Raiders ; Raiders On The Rampage[N 1] ; Renegade Raiders ; Raiders To The Rescue! ; Raiders In The Reich ; Ramsey's Rebel Army ; Raiders' Round-Up! ; The Final Raid ; Raiders: Operation Anvil ; Raiders: Operation Hammer ; Raiders Recalled ; Raiders On The Rampage[N 2] ; Raiders At The Ready; Italian Ambush The Desert Duel
  1. This is the first Ramsey's Raiders story with this title, set just after D-Day.
  2. This is the second Ramsey's Raiders story with this title, set during the Korean War.

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