Back Cover SummaryEdit

4166 pirates on parade

Although he was a descendant of Joshia Penn, the bloodthirsty pirate, Henry Penn was not a fighting man. Then the peace of his South Sea Island paradise was shattered by a U-Boat attack and even Henry realised that it was time to go to war.Armed with a rifle and an ancient cannon, Henry took on the German Navy - using a few tricks that would have delighted old Joshia!


  • Story by Cyril Walker
  • Art and cover by Gordon Livingstone

Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 2589 in August 1992. Latest edition published as no 4166 in January 2009.


Inside front cover feature Part 46 (July - December 2008) of The Commando File. Inside rear cover Flying School Training aircraft through the ages: Grumman F9F8T Cougar.

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