Back Cover SummaryEdit

4883 old rusty

Dick Avery was a captain in the Merchant Navy. He'd sailed with some of the best - and worst - ships and crews on the seven seas. He reckoned he'd seen it all.

That was before he took command of Old Rusty, an ancient tub with a crew made up of drunks, brawlers and raw seamen of every nationality.

When Dick left Gibraltar he didn't fancy his chances of ever seeing England again.

But then they ran into a German U-boat, and he wouldn't have swapped that ship or that crew for the best in the Royal Navy!


Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 708 in January 1973. Latest edition published as no 4883 in January 2016.


4883 part of the By Special Request Series.

Black Ace - Old Rusty - Charlie's Tank
Another Tight Spot. . . - Old Rusty - The Wreckers

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