Back Cover SummaryEdit

4876 night prowl

Jim Fraser was a born Commando. Tough, dependable, daring. But there came a day when they stripped him of his Commando shoulder flashes and his beloved green beret. They took away his tommy gun and gave him a shovel.

Almost before he knew it he was transferred to the pick and shovel brigade, the Pioneer Corps. Rough treatment for a fellow who had made just one mistake.

You can’t win battles leaning on a shovel, but Jim soon had those pioneers chucking away their shovels and desperate to get at Nazi throats.


Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 188 in November 1965. Latest edition published as no 4876 in January 2016.


D-Day Plus - Night Prowl - Desert Fighter
Deadly Pursuit - Night Prowl - Tunnels of Death

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