Back Cover Summary Edit

4771 nerves of steel

Mosquito pilot Bob Ross had been sent to kill a Nazi general. Already the mission had been cursed with bad luck and, of the three planes that had started out, only his Mossie was left. So it was all up to Bob and his French navigator, Paul Mallon.

From the mad, hate-filled look in the Frenchman's eyes, though, Bob reckoned that the Germans weren't the only enemy he would have to cope with…

Creators Edit

  • Story by R.A. Montague
  • Art by Collado
  • Cover by Ian Kennedy

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 793 in June 1973. Republished as no 2052 in January 1987. Latest edition published as 4771 in January 2015.

Misc Edit

Part of the "By Special Request" series for January 2015.

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