3221 mooneys monster

Back Cover SummaryEdit

Sergeant Bart Mooney thought a lot of his Mark One tank. His mate had called in "Mooney's Monster" and the name had stuck because it was a monster. At 28,450kg with a crew of eight, two six-pounder guns and five machine guns, it couldn't be anything else.

But look what it would soon be up against - the German A7V battle tank. It had a crew of eighteen, weighed in at 29,900kg and carried a heavy 5.7cm gun plus seven Maxim machine guns.

The stage was set for a unique clash of these First World War metal giants!


  • Story by
  • Art and cover by Keith Page

Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 3221 in March 1999.


Inside front cover feature - Whirly Birds - Westland 30 (TT300) Britain 1979. Inside rear cover feature - Light Vehicles - Pink Panther Land Rover.

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