4810 lone gurkha

Back Cover SummaryEdit

Sam Hollis, a gunner, was no stranger to war. He had seen a lot of action, but even he had never come across anything like this - a solitary Gurkha by the name of Ganju Pun preparing to hold off a heavy Japanese assault . . .

It made more sense to turn and run and it certainly would be no disgrace, but Ganju Pun did not even consider retreat. He came from a family of warriors, after all, and now it was his turn to prove that he was a worthy owner of his razor-sharp kukri.


  • Story by Alan Hemus
  • Art by C.T. Rigby
  • Cover by Phil Gascoine

Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 2533 in January 1992. Republished as no 4810 in May 2015.


No. 4810:

  • Part of "The Silver Collection" series.
  • Part of the "Gurkha 200" celebration.

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