Back Cover Summary Edit

1095 johnny boomerang

To a Japanese naval crew there was no more terrifying sight than a Bristol Beaufort torpedo-bomber attacking at wave-top height, a deadly torpedo just dropping from the plane's belly. And if the Beaufort had a boomerang painted on its nose, the Japanese were in deep trouble…

For the pilot was Johnny Boomerang, and Johnny never missed!
4619 johnny boomerang

Creators Edit

  • Story by McOwan
  • Art by Repetto
  • Cover by Sanfeliz

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 360 in October 1968. Republished as no 1095 in January 1977. Latest edition published as no 4619 in July 2013.

Misc Edit

Working title of story was "Torpedo Run" before changed.

One of only five Repetto Commando titles.

Part of "By Special Request" 2013 series. No 1095

  • Inside front cover feature - What Do You Know? Commando Quiz no 13
  • Inside rear cover feature - Soccer Stars of the World - Berti Vogts -West Germany

No 4619 includes:

  • Special fold out back cover with textless Ian Kennedy cover
  • Into Action feature featuring the Bristol Beaufort Mk1
  • Part 55 of the Commando File - January - June 2013.