Heroes-fly high

Introduction Edit

Heroes Fly High! Six Of The Best Commando RAF Comic Books Ever!

This title, published in 2013 by Carlton Books with an introduction by Calum Laird (editor of Commando), is a collection of six previously published Commando titles. Part of a series of titles collecting six stories in each volume.

Back Cover Summary Edit

For the generations of men whose interest in military history was triggered by reading war comics in their youth, here at last is Commando's ultimate collection of Second World War RAF stories. Originally published in the True Brit and The Dirty Dozen anthologies, these stories are now available in this great value Six of the Best series.

Chosen by former editor George Low, who worked on Commando comic books for over 40 years, the brilliantly drawn stories in this classic collection range from the heroics of the 'tail-end Charlie's' who manned the rear guns of Lancaster bombers to maverick squadron leaders and the inspiring skills of ace Second World War glider pilots.

Evocatively titled stories such as 'Aces Wild', 'Mustang Patrol', 'The Fighting Few' and 'Flak Fever' show unflappable RAF pilots in their finest hours, preforming extraordinary heroics in the face of the enemy.

For everyone whose sense of adventure has ever been stirred by chilling war cries and takes of unforgettable heroism, Heroes Fly High! will transport them right back into fictional combat situations they'd forgotten were so much fun. And a new generation can discover Commando's legendary way of taking ordinary men and turning them into heroes.

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