4581 hero from hollywood

4581 Hero From Hollywood

Back Cover SummaryEdit

Almost every man has a hero…the one bloke in all the world he'd give his right arm to be like. Corporal Joe Brent's number one he-man was the big, granite-fisted American film-star - Chet Marvin.

In the days before the war, Joe queued up to see every movie he made, and marvelled at the sheer guts of the man.

Then, one day in 1941, against a background of exploding German bombs and throbbing aero-engines, Corporal Joe Brent and his celluloid hero met face to face. It should have been the greatest day in Joe's life.

But this was no Hollywood film set. This was war! And when the shot and shell are no longer blanks, it's easy to sort out the men from the boys…


Story by Eric Hebden, Art by Jones, Cover by Alvaro.

Introduction by Calum Laird, EditorEdit

A little bit of "conspiracy theory" never goes amiss in Commando and author Eric Hebden takes full advantage here with his invasion that never was. The main thrust of the story, though, is a hero with feet of clay - or a bad case of the jitters - and he manages that with equal aplomb.

The art is strong, inside and outside, by two men who handle the drawing of horses with the same skill as Hebden handles the story. And horses, as the best of artists will tell you, are tricky beasts to capture.

Giddy-up and get reading!

Publishing HistoryEdit

First published in September 1963 as no. 84. Republished June 1971 as no 559. This edition published February 2013 as no 4581.

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