Back Cover SummaryEdit

U-Boat... a German submarine. E-boat... a German fast torpedo boat. Everybody in the Second World War knew about these enemy craft and the great danger they were to Allied shipping and crews.

But an H-boat? That was a mystery to most, but it wouldn't be for long. The Nazis were about to strike with their latest naval secret weapon...


  • Part of the H-Boat saga.
  • Inside front cover feature - The First Tanks - Renault FT-17
  • Inside rear cover - The Commando File Part 39 - 2004.
H-Boat Saga
H-Boat Hunt - H-Boat Heroes - H-Boat Havoc - H-Boat Feud! - H-Boat Hi-Jack - H-Boat Vengeance H-Boat Versus H-Boat: Duel To The Death

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