3986 h-boat havoc

Back Cover SummaryEdit

Havoc ... general destruction ... to lay waste. That's what is says in the dictionary. H-boats ... you will already know about them if you have read the earlier adventures of the heroes and villains who went to war in these high speed armed hydrofoil craft.

So add the two together ... havoc and H-boats ... and it's a very explosive tale!


Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 3896 in February 2007.


Inside front cover feature - The Commando File -Part 42 July to December 2006.

Retreat To Victory - H-Boat Havoc - Czech Ace
H-Boat Saga
H-Boat Hunt - H-Boat Heroes - H-Boat Havoc - H-Boat Feud! - H-Boat Hi-Jack - H-Boat Vengeance H-Boat Versus H-Boat: Duel To The Death

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