4035 H-boat feud

Back Cover SummaryEdit

The H-Boat heroes and villains you already know about from their adventures in high-speed hydrofoils in earlier Commando issues are back again.

And their war is still as deadly and dangerous as they find themselves locked in a continuing feud ... an H-Boat Feud!


Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 4035 in September 2007.


Inside front cover feature - March Past - Roman Soldier (Art by Keith Page) Inside rear cover feature - Flying School - Piaggio P148 (Art by Ian Kennedy)

Sense Of Honour! - H-Boat Feud! - Saving Lives!
H-Boat Saga
H-Boat Hunt - H-Boat Heroes - H-Boat Havoc - H-Boat Feud! - H-Boat Hi-Jack - H-Boat Vengeance H-Boat Versus H-Boat: Duel To The Death

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