Comm 4537 covermaster copy

Front Cover[1]

Back Cover Summary Edit

The machine-guns chattered their chant of death, the Spitfire spat its eight-forked tongues of flame - and from the wide blue sky tumbled another charred fragment of the once-mighty Luftwaffe.

Mike Arden was a flying fool: a pilot with only one fault. In his eagerness to get into a fight he left more than burned-out Nazis behind him - he left a trail of broken Spitfires too!

So they gave him a choice: "Transfer to Coastal Command or stay on the ground."

Mike transferred - and did things with a four-engined bomber that had never been done before!

Creators Edit

Publishing History Edit

Published December 1961 as issue 14. Republished 27 September 2012 as Issue 4537

References Edit

  1. Commando Comics Website

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