4780 fighting fury

Back Cover SummaryEdit

He was only a skinny little guy, about five feet nothing at all…but, by jiminy, any Nazis who ran up against Private Sam Small were out of luck.

While his ammo lasted, Sam shot them; then with his empty gun he clubbed them; when it was in splinters, he started in with his bare hands!

Only one man knew what drove that little guy to such a fighting fury - only one found out the terrible secret of Sam Small - and here he tells Sam's amazing story.


  • Story by Wilding
  • Art by Martin
  • Cover by Aldoma

Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 159 in April 1965. Republished as no 747 in June 1973. Latest edition published as no 4780 in January 2015.


Part of "The Gold Collection".

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