4170 eagle over africa

Back Cover SummaryEdit

Africa, 1915, and Lieutenant Archie Draper is the lone survivor of an unexplained incident that claims the lives of all his fellow soldiers and their German prisoners.Over twenty years later, during World War II, Archie is still determined to solve once and for all the mystery of the deadly, though seemingly harmless, valley in the Cameroun highlands. And he has some help - in the form of the amazing Eagle airship and her crew.He'll need that help too, for they have to deal with a ruthless Italian death squad out to make history repeat itself...


  • Story by Alan Hebden
  • Art and cover by Carlos Pino

Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as no 4170 in January 2009.


Inside front cover feature Part 46 (July - December 2008) of The Commando File. Inside rear cover Flying School Training aircraft through the ages: Rockwell International T39A.

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