Back Cover SummaryEdit

With their striking dragon emblems and their ferocious fighting skills, the horsemen of the Caratae tribe were renowned throughout the part of ancient Britain now know as Cumbria. But in the third century A.D., the once-mighty Roman empire was racked with internal conflict and civil wars and the "Dragon Riders" of the Caratae were called on to fight abroad for their cruel Roman governors.

Forced to leave their families as hostages, the proud warrior Britons has to face great danger and fight many foes in a bid to win their freedom and save the lives of their kinsmen - but would their efforts be successful against such heavy odds?


Part 1 of the Dragon Riders saga. Inside front cover feature - Flypast - Yakolev Yak-40 (Art by Ian Kennedy)

Dragon Riders Saga
Dragon Riders! / Revenge Of The Dragon Riders!

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