4624 double cross

Back Cover Summary Edit

Young Lieutenant Jim Whitney was a fire-eating paratrooper who asked nothing better than to be dropped where the Nazis were thickest. The more there were around, the more he could shoot, Jim reckoned.

When it came to fighting you couldn't blame Jim for thinking his middle-aged scientist father was a bit past it. "Boffins" belonged in their laboratories.

Yet in their most dangerous raid to date, to find out about the new German radar detectors in Sicily, Jim only discovered after he'd hit the ground that the VIP who dropped with them to steal the German secrets was none other than his own peace-loving Dad - and that was when the fighting really started…

Creators Edit

  • Story by Kellie
  • Art by Alonso
  • Cover by Chaco

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 95 in December 1963. Republished as no 4624 in August 2013.

Misc Edit

No 4624:

  • Part of "The Gold Collection"
  • Special fold out back cover with textless Chaco cover
  • Into Action feature featuring the The Parachute Regiment

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