4676 death dive

4676 death dive

Back Cover SummaryEdit

It's the moment a pilot dreads most - when he first discovers that he's lost his nerve.

Hands that have always been rock-steady now tremble as they touch the joystick. His mouth is dry with fear, a cold sweat breaks out on his brow.

Flight Lieutenant Ted Ridge knew all the signs. But only he knew he wasn't fit to fly his Mosquito bomber on any more raids.

And then the RAF picked him for a specially dangerous flying job - a job that no one else could tackle. Ted Ridge just couldn't convince them that he wasn't still the best Mossie pilot they had.


  • Story by Kenner
  • Art by Gordon Livingstone
  • Cover by Ken Barr.

Publishing HistoryEdit

First published as No 108 in March 1964. Republished as No 619 in February 1972. Latest edition published as no 4676 in February 2014.


Part of "The Gold Collection" series.

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