Back Cover Summary Edit

0727 dead of night

Before he joined the RAF, Tim "Whirlwind" Wade was Britain's ace racing driver. Positively unbeatable, he was Stirling Moss and Jim Clark rolled into one.

When he became the deadly air gunner in a super-fast Boston bomber, it seemed that even in war his life was to be dedicated to speed.

Who would have believed that such a man had one great fear in his life - a fear of speed! A fear that was to make him a hero…

Main Characters Edit

  • Tim Wade
  • Johnny Dobson
  • Don Fenton
  • Rolf (Nowegian Resistance)
  • SS Colonel Strassman "The Butcher"
4756 dead of night

Creators Edit

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 141 in November 1964, reprinted as no 727 in March 1973. Latest printing as no 4756 in November 2014.

Misc Edit

No 727

  • Inside front cover feature - Stars of Soccer - Jon Sammels
  • Inside rear cover feature - Power - Speed - Class! No 1 Bentley 4 1/2 litre

No 4756

  • Part of "The Gold Collection"

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