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Colonel Bostock read the top secret message carefully, then, unbelievingly, he read it again. There was no doubt about it - British intelligence Headquarters wanted him to send them a coward. Why? What good to anyone was a coward in a war?

The answer lies in this fantastic story…


“War is a messy business — nasty, brutal and ruthless,” notes Calum of this story. “History shows that military authorities can be as cold-blooded in the treatment of their own soldiers as those of the enemy — like ‘Operation Mincemeat’. Such is the thrust of the story concocted for you by Goodall; the tale of a man offered up by his own side as a sacrifice. Needless to say, the operation doesn’t go as planned. Indeed it ends up turned on its head because, after all, this is Commando.

“One of Gordon Livingstone’s early books, his inside artwork shows his characteristic energy and accuracy…without any economy.

“Which brings us to that cover. Fantastic doesn’t do it justice, there’s so much life and action packed into that 7 by 5-inch area. There’s a hint of possible death too so you’d better get reading to find out what happens.”

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Part of "The Gold Collection".