Anzacs at War

There have been several collecter editions produced which contain usually 12 comics.

So far nine have been created;

1. The Dirty Dozen: The Best Twelve Commando Comics Ever

2. True Brit: The Toughest Twelve Commando Comics Ever

3. ANZAC's at War: The Best Twelve Anzac War Stories Ever

4. All Guns Blazing: The Twelve Most Action-Packed Commando Comics Ever

5. Rumble in the Jungle: The Twelve Best Jungle-Fighting Commando Comic Books Ever

6. Bandits at 12 0'Clock: The Twelve Best Air-Combat Commando Comic Books Ever

7. D-Day - Fight or Die: The Ten Best Commando D-Day Comic Books Ever

8. Battle of Britain - Scramble: The Ten Best Commando Battle of Britain Comic Books Ever

9. Rogue Raiders: The Ten Best Commando Raids Comic Books Ever

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