Back Cover Summary Edit

4755 clash at cambrai

On the morning of the 28 June 1914, two pistol shots fired in a Sarajevo street plunged the world into war.

Three years later the awful struggle had changed the face of Europe, and warfare, forever. First the machine gun and then the aircraft had brought the machine to the battlefield. Now it was the turn of another product of the arms industry to make its presence felt - the tank.

And caught up in all this was a young aircraftsman who had managed to get himself inside a tank. Question was, could he get out again?

Creators Edit

  • Story by - George Low
  • Art by - Keith Page 
  • Cover by - Ian Kennedy

Publishing History Edit

First published as no 4755 in November 2014.

Misc Edit

The 11th part of "The Great War" series.

This issue contains battle file no 11. The battle file gives information about the Battle of Cambrai fought between November 20th to December 3rd, 1917.

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